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If this book doesn’t rock you back on your heels, you’re not a carbon-based life form!

Part newsfeed realism, part unblinking research, part societal call-to-action, Circa 2118 presents a stunningly provocative portrait of the rise of super-C machines in the American workplace over the next one hundred years. Animated by ultra-intelligent, ultra-intuitive, ultra-empathetic technology, these byte-collar workers won’t terminate our species, but they will terminate our jobs, our careers and our access to the American Dream … unless we prepare for their arrival.

Evoking the clarion call of the 21st century – if you see something, say something – Peter Weddle has created a world of fact and fantasy to describe the chaos that is about to descend on American business, society and culture. Weddle, however, doesn’t agree with Hollywood. He acknowledges that the period between now and circa 2118 will test the nation’s character – in fact he calls it a Second Middle Ages – but he believes America will not be dominated by machines, but instead be liberated by them. He argues that super-C machines will free Americans from the handcuffs of paid employment and open the door to a new and profoundly rewarding era – the Neonaissance, the Birth of Self-Ennoblement.

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What’s special about this book?

First, Circa 2118 presents in-depth and up-to-the-minute research on the current capabilities of super-intelligent machines and the likely course that development will take over the next 100 years – from now until 2118.

Second, Circa 2118 marries that research to a new genre of fiction – newsfeed realism. What’s that? Like its sibling magical realism, newsfeed realism incorporates super-factual elements into an otherwise realistic portrayal of human affairs. It doubles, triples and quadruples down on what is actually happening in today’s world.

Third, Circa 2118 is balanced, identifying both the challenges imposed by the introduction of super-intelligent machines and a multifaceted solution that will dampen the ensuing disruption and transform it into something that benefits all Americans.

And fourth, unlike the dystopian future created by a long line of science fiction writers and Hollywood producers, Circa 2118 is positive and life affirming with its vision of the opening of a new era in American history – the Neonaissance, The Birth of Self-Ennoblement.

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